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Welcome to MySafetyDepartment.com presented by American Compliance Systems (ACS). We are pleased you are visiting our site to learn about us and how our products and services can help your company comply with OSHA requirements. Whether you require consultative service or a full complement of resources, ACS is dedicated to providing companies with cost-effective solutions to meet their safety needs.

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How To Win More Bids

Want to improve your chances of winning bids? In these tough economic times winning new contract work is vital. A company is no longer awarded a bid solely based on reputation or price. Click here to learn how an OSHA Compliant Safety Program can win you more bids!

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At ACS, we’ve made OSHA Compliance EASY! Our experts have taken the thousands of pages that you are supposed to read, and filtered them down into 5 easy steps! No more reading through regs that don’t apply to you. No more hours searching for what you need. ACS takes the guesswork out of compliance!